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Sport is popular in every nation. Here in Ireland, the main sports that are played are soccer, rugby, athletics, boxing, and GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association). The GAA is native to Ireland, and is only played on the island. It is comprised of four different sports: Hurling, Gaelic football, handball and camogie (womens hurling)

Task 1. The Native Sport in Ireland

Watch the clip of a game of hurling below  and discuss on your blog the following:

1. Describe the game.

2. Do you like it or not? why?

3. Would you like to be able to play this sport?


Task 2: Sport and Your Counrty

Describe the sports that are played in your country? Is there any native or unsual sports played in your country? If so, discuss on your blog.


Task 3: Sport and You

Discuss the following:

1. what sports do you play?

2. How often do you play?

3. Where do you play it?

4. What equipment do you use?

5. Are you good at it?



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